Be honest. Would you leave your partner if he cheated on you?

Turn the page or forgive and forget? Although, in the face of infidelity, the first thought is always the first, experience says that we almost always opt for forgiveness and forgetting . Of course, they have to go hand in hand. If you forgive but don’t forget, it will create an unpleasant memory that will haunt you from now on. Forgiveness must be offered ” completely “, assuming all its consequences.

The tendency is to think that infidelity completely and forever destroys a relationship, but the truth is that it does not have to mean the end of the couple. Although the vast majority of people who are asked “would you forgive your partner if he was unfaithful to you?” answer no, in practice many try to fix things.

There are several factors that depend on whether the relationship ends up being fixed or broken altogether. In the first place, it depends a lot on the person: what they are willing to forgive or not, if they will be able to live well and in peace with themselves if they decide to forgive, if they will be able to live without the other person if they decide to separate forever… The situation in which the couple finds themselves at the time of the deception also has a great influence: if they came from a crisis or if, on the contrary, they were perfectly fine and there was no need to cheat. More doubts are also raised in this situation: has it been just a heater? Or does he really not care about you and that’s why he hasn’t cared about carrying out infidelity?

To the question “ would you leave your partner if he cheated on you? Other external factors also play a role:

How was this infidelity discovered? It is not the same to catch your partner red-handed, than for him/herself to tell you with regret. If the first case occurs, it will be more difficult to forgive, since you will never know if he had continued to cheat on you for much longer. On the other hand, if he tells you and is completely honest with you explaining the reasons why he did it, you can come to understand it or even put yourself in her shoes.

Do many people know? Another aspect that is usually decisive between breaking up or not the relationship after infidelity is whether many people have found out about it. At a general level, if the word has not spread too much, it seems that couples bet mostly on second chances.

What do we understand by “infidelity”. Here the personality of each one influences a lot: while for some a simple flirtation is reason for a separation, for others an infidelity with sexual practice is not so dramatic. And there is no exact definition of what infidelity is.

In life not everything is “black or white”. Things happen under a certain context and circumstances, and our reactions sometimes surprise us. Each couple and each case is different, and in this matter each person must act in accordance with their principles and make a decision that allows them to feel good about themselves.